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Ultimate Key to Success          Shobha Jalan   Guirella Guide to Interviewing              (Download: 8 kbZip file)
Music! Don't Stop.                   Manoj Sharma (Guitarist)   Poems                                                          Amrita Burman
Tips for playing good guitar         Manoj Sharma   Prudence: Art of friendship 
Intranet : Internet Lingo
BTW By the way 
F2F Face to face, a personal meeting 
FCOL For crying out loud 
FWIW For what it's worth 
FYI For your information 
GOK God only knows 
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing 
HHOK Ha, ha–only kidding 
HHOS Ha, ha–only serious 
IMHO In my humble opinion 
IMO In my opinion 
LOL Laughing out loud 
OTOH On the other hand