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1.   a thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as a single deed. 
2.   a smile is a curve which sets many things straight .
3.   road to success is always under construction .
4.   it is foolish to stumble against the same stone twice. 
5.   mistakes are always there to be done.
6.   if anything can go wrong, then sometimes , somewhere it will go wrong. 
7.   physical bravery is an animal instinct . moral bravery is much higher & true courage.
8.   climbing steep hills requires a slow pace at first. 



Your friendship is very special to me 
It’s knowing when to say the words.
That someone need to hear 
And when it is better first to smile, 
to listen and be near……

It’s giving of yourself to others
in a caring way, 
extending warm encouragement 
whenever skies are grey 
and its accepting gestures
of affection meant for you 
with understanding of the thought
behind the kindness to….

It is sensing when to lend a hand
And when to stand aside
And let the others try their wings 
With independent pride……

It is noticing & praising
Special qualities you find 
But being to another’s errors
First a little blind………

It is being a companion too
Whose presence is a pleasure 
It is sharing dreams & feelings
With a hopeful point of view. 
And storing up happy times
And putting loving touches
Into everything you do………..

And it is having best untires
Of another in your heart 
That makes a friend so 
And friendship such an  ART


Ankita Burman