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"WINNERS DON'T DO DIFFERENT THINGS                   THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY "                            

 The secret of success lies in perseverance. Persistent people know as to where they can succeed. The area which others fail to understand. You too can succeed  if you follow these strategies. As the author Christopher Mouley once said big shots are only little shots that keep shooting". 
Achievers may lose this jobs, get rejected watch there companies fail or see their ideas going down. But they take advantage of adversity , carving opportunities from change. 
Successful people radiate a positive attitude that inspires others to attain their goals & realize their dreams.
Successful people know that  being persistent involves making choices and choice involves a risk. They are willing to take risk to achieve what they desire.
They understand that no one makes it to the top in a single bound. What truly sets them apart is the willingness to keep putting one step in front of others - no matter how rough the terrain is. A positive bend of mind combined with the zeal to get ahead ensure that they stay successful through out their lives.

Shobha Jalan
Personnel Management CB Mamoria
Mercantile Law N. D. Kapoor
Verbal /Non Vebal Reasoning     R..S. Agrawal
Man are from Mars &Women are from Venus John Gray