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                             You know this is my  first love letter to you , so ,I am  writing with Rotomac ,  "likhte likhte  luv ho jaaye" . I am  concerned about you. Since  summer  days have begun ,I would , suggest you to use “lakme sunscreen lotion", whenever  you  step  outside. You  have  got some  other  options  too at  your disposal. There is also “fair and glow” soap in the market try that or I think you are using  “fair  &  lovely” for your lovely skin. For beauty skin use “freshia” it is a beauty cream .Have  never  seen you in a  black attire , is there any dandruff problem .???? hey, use Clinic  All  Clear . How’s your  cooking classes  moving ,  use Vital Oil kyonki “yeh di ki baat jaane" and masale  "aasli masale to bas MDH". But  remember “jyaada khagee  to   mooti ho jayagi” take care of  your health for your andruni suraksha  is  subscribed to Dabur chavanprash .Par jab dimaag ki ho baat leena Dimagwala  chavanprash. Consume  mineral  water , par dhoka mat khana , kinley hai 100% pure . When you go  out for picnic , “ have bolder fun What about your mom whose  favorite word is “NA”. And complete man dad  ? Hope they believe in the best  and  tries to make things  better .But you don’t worry  and grow upto thumps-up. Yesterday your phone was too busy . I took Pepsi   for   “meera    number    kab    aayega”.Why you don’t  try “easy  rediff chat ”. Have coke “ jo chahe  ho jaaye , coca cola   enjoy”. After all  “yeh swaad  hai zindagei  ka". Now, have  a break  Have  a  kitkat.                                                                                                                                   With lots  of  luv  n  little  hearts                                                                                    Yours  Ad mad lover .                                                                                             SHREYA  GANGRADE  (II sem)