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MTA bags five out of seven national awards

" Jackpot!" says exited Rekha Lal, one of the seven participants who bagged the coveted trophy for "Exodus 2001",venue Christ College, Bangalore. Rekha tells we all had little preparations we decided to participate enroute to Bangalore and Chetty sir(placement officer) was a big help. The five events where we bagged the awards were 
  • Ethnic show: we did a ramp walk with a Rajesthani backdrop and a folk tune. This ethnic show provides us with an exclusive applause.
  •  Crossword: very much like dumb charade where we had to guess the name of the country the spirit of tourism…..of course).
  •  Itinerary preparations: this event called for a balance between time, money and fun by choosing a line of travel for the tourist.
  •  Best manager award.
  •  Jam: we were required to speak non stop in this event.

When we came back to Indore we received a heroic welcome. Got ourselves photographed with rthe chancellor and the next day all the newspapers were splashed with our photographs and accolades…
A memorable event for each one of us. (Ashish, Mukti, Nidhi, Deepak, Vikas Vinayak and myself Rekha Lal)

As Rekha Lal told Sunil Choudhary 


MTA team bags five awards in "Exodus", the national tourism contest held at Christ College, Bangalore. They participated in seven out of eight contest. The proud participants were: Ashish, Mukti, Nidhi, Deepali, Rekha, Vikas and Vinay. They were encouraged by their placement officer 'Mr Chetty'.